Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

by Rebecca Carlson

Funky Monkey Toys in Greenvale, New York on Instagram (@funkymonkeytoys)

“Gund’s Magical Unicorn (1) combines the cuteness of a stuffed animal with sounds and lights. It’s the ultimate must-have for any unicorn lover.

“Cyril’s Big Adventure (2) is a new story by Jellycat. Cyril the sloth and his brother leave the rainforest to go on an adventure to the big city to see all of the lights. It’s been a great seller.

“Trendy Bags (3) by Top Trenz are a favorite here. The company has a lot of options to choose from, and the patterns are current. The kids in our store love to carry them.

“New to our store is Flush Force (4) by Spin Master. Fill with water, shake, and then lift the lid of the plastic toilet to reveal two surprises. Kids get a kick out of the gross cast of characters.”

Jake’s Toy Box in Arvada, Colorado on Instagram (@Jakes_toy_box)

“Glo Pals (5) are our newest toy for the tub. The small cubes are liquid-activated, meaning they only work when they are placed in water. Drop the pals in, and watch them light up! They’ll automatically turn off when they are removed from water.

“BigBoxPlay sets (6) are coming to our store soon! We’re one of only two places in the U.S. to have them. This toy is all about putting down the electric device and getting back to hands-on creativity. One will be set up on our sales floor for kids to play with, and we are offering it for birthday parties – the host will get to take it home as a cool present!”

Christine Osborne from Wonder Works Toys in Charleston, South Carolina

“Selling well in our store is The Rock and Roll It SpecDrum (7) by Mukikim. The colorful soft drum pad comes with everything needed to begin learning the drums. Accessories include a play-by-color song booklet, drumsticks, two foot pedals, and headphones.

“The Regatta Swing (8) by Hearthsong lets kids ‘rock the boat.’ With a 200-pound weight limit, there is room for two hearty sailors, but no swabbing the deck thanks to mesh drainage at the bottom.

“Reindeer in Here (9) was introduced last year and quickly sold out within two days, proving that being different is normal. The plush character and story revolves around a little reindeer who has one antler shorter than the other. It is expected to be a HUGE hit this year, and will be available in indie stores only.”

“Surfer Dudes (10) by Toyosity are the world’s first self-righting, self-surfing toys that is powered by waves. Just toss a dude into the wave and he will automatically turn around and surf.

ORB’s Bubbleezz characters (11), as well as its Odditeez, BeadiBallz and SlimiBallz (not pictured) are the hottest new collectibles in our store. They are squishy, squeezy and fun. Tactile is trending this year, and these toys are perfect for sensory seekers.”