Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

by Rebecca Carlson

Megan Hursh from GrandRabbits Toy Shoppe in Boulder, Colorado, on Instagram

“With The Bath and Body Box by Klutz (1), kids can make their own bath products to add a whole new level of fun to the tub!

Retro Toys by Schylling (2), like The Bubble Blaster and Skipping Rope, fulfill the needs of customers looking for simple and classic fun. And, they appeal to all ages!

Slick Tricks bubble trick sets by Little Kids (3) are perfect for any magician looking for some new tricks, or someone who just wants to be entertained by bubbles for a couple of hours. They make seemingly impossible bubble tricks easy to learn so that any kid can become a bubble master!

Rick Derr from Learning Express Toys in Lake Zurich, Illinois, on Instagram

“My favorite part of Squeezamals from The Beverly Hills Teddy Bear Company (4) is their texture. They’re squishy on the inside, plush on the outside, and have a sweet smell. They also have a perfect price point so they’ve been selling really well for us.

Insect Lore’s Butterfly Garden (5) is set up in our store right now. It’s a hands-on way for kids to learn about science and nature.

“I love the customization that Chatty Snaps buttons (6) provide. You can just snap your expression on a tale, lanyard or pouch to promote interactions.

The MakeUp Eraser (7) has helped raise the customer age range in our store. It’s a cloth that removes makeup from adults or face paint from kids using only water.

“New to our store are Animoodles building toys from Portola Plush (8). A magnet is embedded inside each body part of the plush animals (a unicorn, sloth, lion, frog, and orangutan), so you can mix and match the parts and have them strike unique poses.”

Christine Osborne from Wonder Works in Charleston, South Carolina

Roll Again from Fat Brain Toys (9) is a whole different kind of ball run with new and innovative play patterns. No batteries are required; simply lift the ball from the switch at the bottom and all the other balls go rolling down one level in unison.

Dimpl from Fat Brain Toys (10) contains brightly colored pillows of silicone. Babies can push them in and out for hours of entertainment. It encourages fine motor skills, sensory exploration, and cause-effect learning.

“Enjoy art anywhere, especially outdoors, with the heavy-duty vinyl Inflatable Easel from Hearthsong (11). Kids can paint (or finger paint) right on it. Hose it off, and it’s ready for another masterpiece. Includes four paints, four shape sponges, and a paintbrush.

Kid Slider (12) is our number-one body board. Kids can run, kneel, skim, and slide along the shoreline, in tidal pools, in puddles, and on grass – and even on level snow surfaces! Easy for kids of all ages to use; optional pull-strap makes sliding easy for little ones.

“The Swurfer Kick from Flybar (13) was engineered to provide more power, stability and range of motion. Made from durable plastic, it was designed for the smallest riders but can accommodate people up to 150 pounds.”

“The Waterfootball by Waboba (14) features a special UV print that changes color in the sun. The Lycra cover provides added grip when the ball is wet.

“The LED lights on Micro Kickboard’s Maxi and Mini (15) take these multi-award-winning, three-wheeled scooters to the next level. The motion-activated light-up wheels are powered by inductive charge, so no batteries are required.”