Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

Fabulous Products

What buyers saw at Toy Fair

by Jenn Bergin

Juliette Steinbach from Rainbow Toys in Falmouth, Maine

“I love K’NEX Thrill Rides Roller Coaster Building Sets (1). They practically scream ‘build me and make me run!’ Each set has hundreds of pieces, a motorized chain lift and coaster cars. Other building sets include a motorized Ferris Wheel and other rides to create your own amusement park.

“I came across the Les Coin collection (2) from Histoire d’Ours – a French plush company – in a hallway at Javits and it is one of my favorite finds! The unique and adorable animals, like a hippo, platypus and mouse, are stunning – colored, glittery and in the softest, fluffiest fabrics!

Fluffables (3) from The Orb Factory are simple, hands-on fun. The craft kits feature natural fibers that kids can ‘fluff and trim’ to create cute fluffy creatures. Some kits include ‘mystery accessories’ like eyeglasses or a mustache.

The Party Wheel (4) from B4 Adventure is active, gross-motor-skill fun for kids! The kid-powered tube glides across water or moves across the yard. It’s a mix of heavy-duty frosted/clear vinyl – so kids can see where they’re going – and features mylar confetti, for added fun! Two repair patches are included.

“I loved the LEGO Disney Castle (5), a TOTY winner. I’m disappointed it won’t be available to any retailers other than LEGO.”



“My favorite find at Toy Fair was the gold Belle Tea Party Dress (6)
from Creative Education of Canada. It’s simply enchanting and wonderful. I don’t know a child who wouldn’t want it – or an adult who could resist buying it. I want an adult size for myself! There are two versions: poufy and glittery. Both are beautiful, but I prefer poufy (hint, hint).”

Harold Herskowitz from Toys for Thought in Lakewood, New Jersey

“We bought a large display of Whiffer Sniffers Scented Clips (7) and Huggables that I think will be very popular. They’re great sensory training tools for therapists and just plain fun. New series are always coming out, so they’re collectible. They’re well-made and reasonably-priced for a cute pick-me-up gift. The scent really lasts – the cotton candy one smells so good you want to take a bite out of it!

“The Slida Puzzle Ball (8) is an interlocking puzzle design with pieces that slide together to form a solid sphere. Clicking the pieces together is fun and they slide together in sequence, so it’s not too difficult.

“The Pencil Grip’s Gyrobi (9) and Loopeez (10) are the perfect fidget toys to keep your hands busy while you’re deep in thought.

WordSpiel (11) from Set Enterprises teaches kids to use their words wisely! Cards are dealt that play off words on the table. It even comes with a digital timer and retails at a great price point.

Watchitude Slap Watches (12) will fly off the rack. I love the colorful, fun new designs like Sprinkles and Macaroons.


Emoji Cards Family Edition (13) from Spicy Doodles Gaming is like charades, but emoji cards are used to guess the words your team is saying. Even if you’re up to your ears in emojis, this game is awesome.

Toydriver (14) is a small, battery-operated screwdriver created by a mom of three who was frustrated by the annoying screws on toy battery covers. It’s just the right size and power. It’s not for kids, but any parent who buys toys will want one.

Sticky the Poo (15) from Hog Wild is a crazy new addition to their Stikball line. There are three silly faces to collect, squish, shape and toss. Just don’t throw it at a fan – it really sticks!

More Funny Sayings and American Trivia from Word Teasers are great items to keep at the front counter as a quick pick-up for travelers. They’re perfect for long trips or as a dinner conversation starter.”