Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

by Rebecca Carlson

Shirley Moore from The Toy Shelf in Grandville, Michigan
The Ty Beanie Boos (1) are really popular in our store right now. They have large eyes and are very soft. Kids play with them and collect them.”

Heather Mohorn from Momo’s Tree House in Philadelphia, PA
“During the back-to-school season, the Mini2Go Scooter (2) by Micro Kickboard was a hot seller. It is designed to adjust and “grow” with children.

“Created by Tweemade, the Rainbow Unicorn Horn Sidewalk Chalks (3) have been going out the door as quickly as they’ve come in. The colors are very vibrant. There’s even a golden one.

“The Pound and Tap Bench (4) by Hape is very colorful and great for young children who are so intrigued by noises.

Vroom Blox (5) by Fat Brain Toys are like transformers but with fewer parts that can be choking hazards. They look like painted wooden cubes until you pull them apart, then they turn into rescue vehicles.”

Megan Beidl from Bartons Toys in Charleston, South Carolina
“The Round Table Puzzles (6) by A Broader View are a new twist on traditional tabletop puzzles. The focal point of the image is right in the center, which makes the puzzle perfect for working on with a group of people.

Caitie Harkins from Boomerang Toys in New York, New York
“My personal favorite in the store today is the Brackitz inventor 44-piece set (7) by Fat Brain Toys. The product and even the packaging itself are well-thought-out and eye-catching.

“We can’t keep the Yummy World XL Cheesy Puffs Food Plush (8) from kidrobot on the shelf!

Playmobil’s Ghost Busters Sets (9) – there’s an entire firehouse, and other character sets that are sold separately – are the newest products we have right now. The classic movie license appeals to kids and parents.

“The Magna-Tiles Clear Colors 32 Piece Set (10) can be played with on a baking sheet or dry-erase board because all of the pieces are magnetic.

Christine Osborne from Wonder Works in Charleston, South Carolina

“The Magic Flower Pot (11) from Fine Fidgets is a great gift for all ages. Turn the pot on and touch the leaves of the plant to make piano sounds. It’s also a Bluetooth speaker.

“The Party2Go set (12) by Sing Along Pro includes a wireless Bluetooth karaoke microphone and a battery-operated disco ball. The microphone has a built-in speaker and five adjustable audio filters. Kids can download any karaoke app on their smartphone or tablet and connect to Party2Go.”