A Mesmerizing Movement, 10 Questions with Fun in Motion Toys

Jimi Dennison and Kevin Daniels

It’s time to move and groove! Over the past 14 years, Fun In Motion Toys has engaged and entertained kids and kids-at-heart through movement-based play.

“We love to remind people of the importance of play for all ages and encourage people to ‘move and groove,’ and get creative while engaging the mind and body,” said Star Duell, senior marketing specialist.

Kevin Daniels and Jimi Dennison founded Fun In Motion Toys in 2010. The company is headquartered in Dania Beach, FL and employs 23 staff members. It has 10 brands, including Magnetic Puzzle Cube, Fidget & Flow and Glow.0 LED Flow Arts. Confluxion, its newest toy category, encompasses toys that have a construction element to them that also move and flex. While many of their products are STEAM accredited, all of their toys are made with recyclable high-quality materials.

The innovation of the Fun In Motion Toys team has led to several honors. Their best-selling magnetic puzzle cube, Shashibo has been a TOTY finalist six times. Plus, a new Confluxion toy, TECTI, is a finalist for this year’s ASTRA Best Toys list. Fun In Motion Toys received further recognition from Autism Live, National Parenting Product Awards, Toy Insider programs, Zigazoo Kids Choice and POP Insider. Last year marked the second year in a row that they ranked in the Top 500 of the Inc. 5000 list.

“Our team really cares about the products we’re making,” Duell stated. “It’s important to us that we provide products that are fun, educational and even emotionally beneficial.”

Fun In Motion Toys distributes domestically and last year started branching out Internationally. Its reach expands across the Americas, the UK, France, Benelux, Scandinavia, Germany, Austria, Poland, Switzerland, UAE, Kuwait, Australia and New Zealand.

The company exhibits at several shows including Astra Marketplace & Academy, New York Toy Fair and ToyFest. Attendees can spot representatives alongside performers such as aerialists, jugglers and stilt walkers. Outside of the toy industry, Fun In Motion Toys partakes in juggling conventions, flow art festivals and shows in the hardware, farm and fleet and hobby gaming channels.

Daniels talks about what goes into creating an engaging toy, the multiple benefits of playing with Fun In Motion Toys’ products and how his company is supporting independent retailers.


What was your favorite toy or game to play growing up?

Yahtzee was a game our family loved to play together that I have great memories of.


What sets Fun In Motion Toys apart from other manufacturers?

We strive every day to make people happier and healthier through our unique movement products that give families new ways to “move and groove.” The products we choose and the purpose of our company is to make people healthier and happier through play.  We are always developing new and innovative toys that stimulate the mind and body for hours of fun – day and night. We work hard and have been known to play hard. We take our work seriously, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously. If we are making others smile, then we are doing it right.


How’s business today?

Business is better than it’s ever been! We know 2023 was challenging for many toy manufacturers and retailers and 2024 is off to a rocky start, but we feel blessed to have maintained growth year over year. We hope our products can help our independently-owned specialty partners succeed in a challenging economic environment.


What is your most popular product, and what do you contribute to its success?

The Shashibo Magnetic Puzzle Cube.  It’s a magnetic puzzle cube that contains 36 rare earth magnets inside and a single cube can transform into more than 70 different shapes. You can also collect and connect multiple Shashibo together to make amazing, larger geometric structures covered in beautiful, original art. This keeps fans anticipating the latest designs we come out with to add to the artistic sculptures they’re building with their Shashibo collections.

We attribute its success to the undeniable strength of its play value (it’s addicting) to its broad appeal. Shashibo appeals to all ages and experiences and offers something different to everyone.


How do you create a fun, mesmerizing and stimulating toy? What factors are considered?

We mostly trust our gut, and so far, we’ve not missed. We have a background in the flow arts and all of our toys involve movement when you play with them and really have no “end” in the way that you can engage with them. They all provide a skill to learn that you can continue developing. We like to encourage people of all ages to be physically active and/or think strategically and creatively while most of all having fun!


What are the physical and mental benefits of playing with Fun in Motion Toys’?

They are endless. There is the built-in element of physical movement in all our products, but specifically Spinballs and our other flow arts related products help with coordination, flexibility, dexterity and rhythm. We’ve also heard from countless community members about the benefits of products such as Shashibo for autism, ADD/ADHD, physical therapy and even Alzheimer’s. Our confluxion toys help with 3-D problem solving, spatial reasoning and building fine motor skills.


Why do you believe Fun in Motion’s product lines belong in specialty toy stores?

Our product lines are about showing people of all ages that they can have fun learning new skills, while keeping their minds and bodies active. Our products are unique and innovative, and ultimately have “no end” to how you can play with them. You continue to learn and discover new ways to advance with them, so they become more interesting with time. Our products are exactly what help differentiate the specialty stores from the big chains when consumers are searching for something they haven’t seen before.

We always want to help our specialty toy stores succeed, so later this year we will be introducing an in-store play program for Shashibo. Stores will be able to facilitate the program on their own to drive store traffic and grow the Shashibo community in their neighborhood. Specialty stores are the foundation of our company and we don’t forget that or take it for granted.


What advice would you give to retailers about selling your products?

Have fun and play with them! Don’t feel shy to reach out to us for inspiration/help in how to play with these products. We have tutorials, instructions, demo offerings, display units with built-in video monitors and a free Fun In Motion Toys app with Tips & Tricks. With a little guidance and inspiration, you’ll surprise yourself in what you can create. When you’re having fun with the products, so will your customers.


Apart from the toy market, what other industries do you serve?

You can find Fun In Motion Toys in hardware, hobby game, gift, souvenir, drug, department, office supply stores and more. We’re just about everywhere!


What do you enjoy most about working at Fun in Motion Toys?

The opportunity to do something good for people. Whether it’s helping them stay physically or mentally active through inspiring creativity, inspiring a new love for math through play or for them to develop a new skill … we’re helping people of all ages to have fun and get excited about keeping their minds and bodies active.

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