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edplay meets the unique needs of stores that sell toys, games and gifts. We provide toy trade news and advice on merchandising and selling different toy, game and gift product lines. edplay keeps retailers up-to-date on new and hot play products, offers interviews with toy industry experts and provides nuts-and-bolts advice on running an independent toy store. Since its inception in 1994, edplay has remained on the cutting edge of the toy industry. Retailers have come to trust our quality editorial as their number-one source of information.

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For People Who Sell to Teachers, Parents and Schools

The oldest and most reliable source of industry information, Educational Dealer is a name that readers associate with quality information and valuable product ideas. Its interviews, news, retailing tips, reports on industry trends and helpful display ideas strike a winning balance that meets the needs of all dealers – from retailers and catalogers to resellers and online merchants.





For People Who Sell Art Supplies

Unlike any other publication, Art Materials Retailer addresses the issues facing the art supply industry and provides a forum for retailers and manufacturers to share information that can benefit everyone. With news, interviews, retailing tips and loads of product information, AMR is the one magazine buyers of creative products rely on to meet their needs.





Toy Times Magazine is the publication of the American Specialty Toy Retailing Association (Astra), the trade association for the specialty toy industry. The full-color, magazine-style publication ranges in size from 32 to 64 pages, and is mailed five times each year to Astra’s 1,300 members. They include independent toy retailers, toy manufacturers and manufacturers’ representatives. The association was founded in 1992; Fahy-Williams has produced the newsletter since 2001.