Explore a Shark from Silver Dolphin Books

… features a 3-D layered model that helps children visualize the anatomy of a great white shark. By simply turning the page, the model can be deconstructed and rebuilt, layer by layer, to show how each part of the shark’s body is connected. Ages 8 and up.

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The Kiddi-o 6-in-1 Multi-Tricycle

… features six configurations, adapting as children grow. The high-back seat with adjustable backrest rotates allowing for forward or rear-facing. Features include freewheel function, parental steering, hanging rear basket, three-point safety harness, and removable storage bag for safety, versatility and style.

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Scene-A-Rama Theme Kits

… allow kids to easily add fun features to dioramas. Includes 12 full-color printed themes and everything needed for quick, mess-free assembly. Perfect for last minute projects.

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