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edplay magazine's February Product E-newsletter - Edition #2
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Batman, Superman, Scooby Doo and More New Party Animal SqueezyMates

Party Animal gets two new "clutch" deals and releases new Scooby Doo and DC Comics SqueezyMates lines. SqueezyMates (MSRP $5.99) are slo-foam figures that are irresistibly squeezable collectibles. Adding to its popular NFL, MLB, NHL and NBA SqueezyMates, Party Animal "grasps" onto a couple of top character property licenses. The Scooby Doo SqueezyMates line may include all of Scooby Doo’s friends as well as select monsters and villains. The DC Comics SqueezyMates includes options to manufacture and market any of the heroes and villains including, Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Joker, Harley Quinn, Lex Luthor, Justice League, Flash, Aquaman, and Green Lantern, among others.
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10% off orders over $350 orders;
10% off orders over $1,000 orders and free shipping.
(excludes Big Team Ride Ons)

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Party Animal Inc


Bruder Toys MAN TGS Street Sweeper #03780
Bruder Toys Street Sweeper

Road servicing crews are an indispensable help for any city. And no other vehicle can illustrate this better than the NEW BRUDER Street Sweeper! Thanks to Bruders' German designers and engineers, this will sweep up the imagination of every child who lays eyes on it.

The road sweeper body features two rotating and adjustable cleaning brushes that can also be adjusted in height. You can get into those hard to reach places that nothing else can replicate. A sweeper brush sitting under the vehicle cleans as you move the toy across any surface! The rear boasts a flexible hose and suction pipe to clean everything in sight. The waste container can simply be tilted with the rear doors opening to dump everything collected.

It can also be enhanced by a Light & Sound Module! You can also combine ANY Bruder bworld products to further enhance the fun and games!

Visit Bruder Toys NY Toy Fair Booth # 653
Store owners/buyers should stop by to pick up your Bruder Gift Bag.
New Bruder Customers $500.00 orders get 5% discount and Free Freight with Credit Card. (the US and Canada)

Bruder Toys America Inc
Fax: 877-303-5200


Just Add Baking Soda
Griddly Games Just Adds Baking Soda to STEAM Line

Griddly Games bursts into Toy Fair this year with its new Just Add Baking Soda Kit (MSRP $25.95 for ages 8 and up). Griddly Games packed more than 20 explosively fun science and art activities into this cool new kit for kids. Make bath bombs, ornaments volcanoes, amnd lots of super cool crafts as you learn about chemical reactions, states of matter, mixtures and more.

Just Add Baking Soda is the newest ingredient added to Griddly's multi-award-winning STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) line that already includes: Just Add Milk, Just Add Sun, Just Add Glue, Just Add Sugar and Just Add Egg.

Visit us at NY Toy Fair Booth #6023

50% off shipping on orders over $500;
Free shipping on orders over $750;
Order a full set of the Just Add STEAM Kits
and get a free case of Show Me The Kwan Game

Griddly Games, Inc.


Playzone-Fit Wack-a-Tag
Wack-a-Tag Brings Back a Classic Game for a Younger Audience

This set of 3 is the perfect versatile game play for younger kids to help build hand-eye coordination, and for older children to test their skills and compete with their friends. Each piece pops up every 3-5 seconds and challenges kids to concentrate on keeping them down!
Visit us at NY Toy Fair Booth #5859
All orders placed by April 1st, will receive 10% off.

b4 Adventure


Crazy, Amazing African Dwarf Frogs
Your next top-selling product!

These amazing, nostalgic critters live in a low maintenance BioSphere and are great in the home, in the office or as a child's first pet. They only need to be fed twice a week and come with a year's supply of food.

On display, they stop people in their tracks with comments like “Cool”, “Gross”, “I remember when...”, “I've never seen this before”, and often “I want one of these”.

As a BioSphere, it does not need electricity or weekly cleaning. Accessories include a Care Kit, additional food, and a “My First Pet” kids pack. What starts as a WOW turns into a cherished family pet.

Visit us at NY Toy Fair Booth #4325
Free Shipping... Free Frog Setup Kit... Free Care Kit on ALL Orders.

Froggy's Lair



Anjar Co. & Becker Associates, who manage the licensing and merchandising program for Sophie la girafe®, have signed a deal with Deliso S.A.S. to develop, license and distribute Sophie merchandise in all product categories. “Sophie la Girafe has a special place in the hearts of all infants throughout the world, so the new partnership is a great addition to our licensing and consumer products portfolio,” says Jonathan Becker, President of Anjar Co. “Sophie la Girafe is ubiquitous in France, where it’s part of the nation’s fabric, and immensely popular in the U.S. and Canada, where it can be found on many baby registries. We aim to have one #Sophielagirafe product in every house, car, and grandparents’ home before Sophie’s 60th birthday celebration in 2021. Additionally, we’re extending the range of Sophie products, and looking for new licensing and distribution partners and DTR programs in all categories, including infant furniture, bedding, accessories, stationery and toiletries.” Patti Becker, CEO of Becker Associates said, “Sophie is a luxury lifestyle brand sold in more than 85 countries. There are hundreds of products immediately available. One reason for Sophie’s immense popularity is that she’s all natural, and appeals to all five senses.” The Sophie la Girafe licensing program will be featured at the ANJAR & BECKER ASSOCIATES NY Toy Fair Booth #2118. www.sophielagirafe.fr #AnjarLicensing #BeckerLicensing #brand #Sophielagirafe
Visit us at NY Toy Fair Booth #2118

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CONTACT: Patti Becker


Make Your Own Tiny Camper
Craft a mini glamping getaway!

Design your own glamping-ready getaway with this build-it-yourself mini vintage camper. Assemble the high-quality chipboard pieces to build your camper, and then the fun begins! Use fabric, sequins, and other mixed media to customize your home-on-wheels with more than 20 DIY accessories—everything you need is included in the box.


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