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February Products! Toy Fair edition #2 - from edplay magazine

Our Precious Planet
Celestial Buddies New Plush Pal Opens Climate Discussion

This year's NY Toy Fair (Booth 6021) introduces the newest addition to the Celestial Buddies galactic gang, Our Precious Planet (MSRP $24.99), is a large (9” diameter) detailed version of planet Earth designed to help start a conversation about climate change.

Consistent with the Celestial Buddies mission to both enlighten and delight, the special edition Buddy is a gentle introduction to a very complicated but also very important subject.
Like all of the Celestial Buddies, Our Precious Planet comes with a hang tag that provides useful information about its representation. A colorful supplemental tag illustrates some of the causes and effects and offers some suggestions about what individuals, including children, can do to help the environment.

Our Precious Planet joins the line of 15 different Celestial Buddies plush educational toys. For more information, visit www.celestialbuddies.com

Visit us at New York Toy Fair (Feb. 16-19) Booth 6021

Celestial Buddies, LLC


The Red Keep Wrebbit3D™ Puzzle (845-piece)
From Popular HBO TV Series Game of Thrones® 

Build your own 3D replica of the residence of the King of the Andals and the First Men. Located within King’s Landing, the capital of the Seven Kingdoms, it is also home of the highly coveted Iron Throne. This 845-piece 3D puzzle is a must for all Game of Thrones® fans. Available to ship now. The Red Keep assembled dimensions: 16.5" L x 13" W x 15.5" H.

Wrebbit will also be launching by mid-March another popular and iconic building from Game of Thrones® : 910-piece Winterfell, just in time for the 8th and final season of this popular TV series airing in April.

Wrebbit Puzzles Inc., the inventors of the first ever 3D puzzle, designs, manufactures and markets Wrebbit3D™ puzzles, using a unique foam backing technology, providing snug tight-fitting pieces and sturdy designs. Proudly made in Canada.

Visit us at New York Toy Fair Booth #6763.
Free shipping on orders $500+

Wrebbit Puzzles Inc.
Fax: 514-354-3717


Just Add Egg
Egg-cellent New STEAM Kit from Griddly Games

Griddly Games, Inc. introduces an egg-ceptional new product to its family of science activity craft kits. Egg is the latest "ingredient" to be "added" to the company's successful Just Add ______ STEAM line.

Just Add Egg is the fifth product in the catalog that already includes the multi-award-winning STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) kits: Just Add Milk, Sun, Glue and Sugar.

Just Add Egg (MSRP $29.95 for ages 5 and up) is the egg-citing new science activity kit that is an egg-cellent way for science to be even more fun. Like all of the Just Add kits, the product comes with everything you need except for the adding ingredient. This time, add egg to enjoy making up to five different egg-speriments and seven different art egg-tivities including making your own dinosaur egg, egg shell geode, or even make an egg totally disappear!

Visit us at New York Toy Fair Booth 6464

Griddly Games, Inc.

Traffic Cop
Traffic Cop: The Cross-The-Intersection Classic Game

From the makers of the hit FLOOR IS LAVA GAME, Endless Games is introducing TRAFFIC COP in booth 119 at New York Toy Fair 2019.

Traffic Cop is a new version of the classic schoolyard game where one player is the traffic cop as everyone else tries to cross the street safely. The new game features: 24 Intersection Tiles, Stop Sign Spinner, and a Yellow Traffic Cop Vest for great pretend-play fun! For ages 5 and up.

Visit us at New York Toy Fair Booth 119 for onsite order specials

Endless Games


It's Me, Norman!
Interactive knock knock joke telling doll is ready to go.

It's Me, Norman is an 18” interactive doll that tells knock-knock jokes. He comes with 50 hilarious jokes that kids will love, and is packaged in a colorful box that can be displayed in a child’s room. Norman launched in December 2018 on QVC and some local Chicagoland toy stores, and was a hit.

Did you know knock-knock jokes are told in all English-speaking countries? What kid doesn’t love to giggle over a knock-knock joke? It’s hard to say whether kids love Norman for his jokes, or for being a new best pal to take along everywhere. Norman has been kid-tested in many schools and is loved by teachers, parents, and grandparents alike.

It’s Me, Norman is a unique toy that your customers will love for laugh out loud family fun.

Orders before June 1 receive a 10% discount. MOQ 4 dolls
Click to see the video

Norman & Friends LLC

Lionel Logo
Lionel's Disney Frozen Ready-To-Play Train Set
All aboard for a Frozen adventure!

A true Disney classic, the magic of Frozen can be enjoyed all year long! Join a spinning Olaf, bobbing snowflake and Sven as they ride along on an animated flatcar for a frozen adventure on Lionel's Disney Frozen Ready-To-Play train set!

This magical set includes a battery powered General-style locomotive and tender, Olaf & Sven animated flatcar, a two-sided boxcar featuring Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf, 24 curved and 8 straight plastic track pieces, and an easy-to-use RC Remote Control!

Designed for ages 4 and up, this set creates fun for the whole family and memories that will last a lifetime! Boys and girls alike won't want to "let it go!"

© Disney Disney.com

Visit us at the 2019 Toy Fair in New York City at booth #5839.
Lionel LLC


Sports Guys from MasterPieces
Action Figures that Inspire Imaginary Play

Kids have been playing with action figures for years. Sports have been a part of children’s lives forever. We combined both of these interests and designed our ‘Guys’ with one goal in mind… to encourage countless hours of imaginary play in sports loving children.

Each action figure set includes up to 30 pieces including two full teams, a field and accessories. Everything a child needs to create or recreate games and play for hours is included in a cool storage container. Most complete sports action figure set on the market!

“I think Football Guys is one of the best toys for young children I’ve seen. It puts young children in the middle of a sports situation of their own creation, tapping into fantasy play and imagination. Just as in real sports, there is team spirit, strategy and conflict resolution involved in their play.” – Julie Brown, First Grade Teacher

Visit us at NY Toy Fair Booth #1135

MasterPieces, Inc.

Quality Plush That Lasts A Lifetime

The Heirloom collection from Adventure Planet offers a wide variety of quality plush products that are perfect for stocking up your aquarium, museum, and zoo gift shops. Made from soft and durable acrylic plush that can be passed down for generations.
Visit us at Toy Fair Booth #1039

The Toy Network
Fax: 774-365-4605


Unbelievabubble Sword Large
These giant bubbles will blow your mind!

Be prepared to lose yourself in wonder by making even bigger, giant bubbles! Unbelievabubble swords are a customer favorite and these large bubble swords will make anyone fall in love with bubbles all over again.

It is very easy to make a giant bubble with this sword, just push the trigger to open the wand and wave gently to make a long bubble or a giant bubble.

10% discount for order over $250
Click to see the video

D Now Inc
(408) 564-5450


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