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Holiday Products! - from edplay magazine

JIMU Robot BuilderBot Kit
Build. Code. Create.

Buildable, codable and interactive, the BuilderBots Kit offers a great introduction to STEM learning for kids ages 8 and up. This kit includes all the parts needed to build GrabberBot, DigBot or your very own JIMU Robot creation.

Accelerate hands-on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) learning by programming actions with Blockly code. Navigate obstacles, pick-up objects, control light effects, program emotions and more… Create entirely new, custom actions with the PRP (Pose, Record, Play) function.

This Kit Includes:

  •   • 357 snap-together parts
  •   • Treads
  •   • 1 infrared sensor
  •   • 1 LED
  •   • 4 smooth motion robotic servo motors
  •   • Power Adaptor and Quick Start Guide also included
  •   • A compatible iOS or Android device is required

Free shipping on orders of $500 or more plus 5% off!
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UBTECH Robotics


Work together to save all four Dinos!

The Lava flows! Move the Dinos on the board to get them to safety on top of the Mountain, don’t forget to save the Eggs spread across the board on the way. If you successfully save all the Dinos and the Eggs, your team wins the game! SOS Dino is a fun cooperative game that encourages decisive teamwork, engages the imagination and promotes creativity. A game for 1 to 4 players ages 7 and older.
Get a free demo copy for 2 cases* bought
*(6 games per case)


The Bubble Thing
TOP TOY 2019 - Bubbles Biggest - Even In Winter!

SEND GIANT BUBBLES FLYING, even 20-footers or more, amaze your friends, and scare the neighbors. Huge outdoor fun all year long---especially on those cool days (great for bubbles) around Christmas!

THE WORLD FAMOUS ORIGINAL of all giant bubble wands, the Bubble Thing was invented in 1984 by architect David Stein. Often imitated, it still bubbles biggest by far.

MAXIMUM SIZE AND CONTROL. The huge 90-inch fabric loop is woven to absorb and release maximum bubble soap. The unique one-stick wand design with slide-control lets you creatively form bubbles of endless shapes and sizes not possible with other wand designs.

INCLUDES BIG BUBBLE MIX for 2.7 gallons giant bubble soap. Non-toxic. Easy to mix, there’s no waiting. Just stir with hot tap water and dish soap and go.

GIANT BUBBLES ARE BEST on cool calm days with high humidity. A way cool Christmas gift.

Free shipping on orders of $500 or more.
Bubble Thing
SARO Longlegs Plush Toys
Adorable animals with hidden features and are safe to snuggle with!!!

A safe, soft, long-limbed toy that your child will love to play with each and every day! Our special crackle paper hidden in each toy, makes a crunchy sound that will delight and entertain your little one, while the soft 100% pollster exterior is safe to snuggle with. The long, narrow limbs are just the right size for small hands to hold. A rattle inside each toy is another little feature that will put big smiles on any child's face!
Ask about our new account specials! No minimums.
No case packs. No stress. Fast shipping!



The EarthBall
Experience Your World as Seen from Space

Inspired by the famous photos of the whole Earth taken from the Moon by NASA Apollo astronauts, EarthBalls are the most visually authentic globes available anywhere in the known Universe!

These unique ‘reality globes’ are ideal for gifts, education, fundraising, environmental awareness, festivals, special events, and more.  Hundreds of thousands of EarthBalls have been sold online and in stores worldwide.

Featuring NASA’s Blue Marble satellite imagery, complete with NightGlow City Lights.  Every 16-inch and 40-inch (1-meter) diameter EarthBall is packaged with The Global Handbook - 20 pages filled with games, activities, educational resources and big fun for global explorers of all ages.

Experience an ‘out-of-this-world’ view of our home Planet Earth!

Free Shipping anywhere in the continental USA with your first minimum order of twelve 16-inch EarthBalls or three 40-inch (1-meter) EarthBalls placed by December 1st, 2019
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Orbis World Globes

Fax: 360-376-4030

Farm Hoppers, Fantasy Hoppers, Wildlife Hoppers
Fun, whimsical, brightly coloured, inflatable animals for endless bouncing adventures.

Hoppers are fun, whimsical, brightly coloured, inflatable animals with soft grip-able ears for children to hold onto while they bounce around. With feet touching the ground and hands holdings onto the ears, kids can bounce and scoot around in a supported manner that helps to develop core muscles and coordination skills. These delightful bouncers are made from high quality BPA-free PVC and can be used both indoors and outdoors. They come complete with their own soccer valve, needle and pump in an attractive box. The fact is that they are just plain fun and keep children highly entertained while providing an outlet for that endless toddler energy.
Buy 10 Hoppers, Pay for only 9!
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Next Generation Distributors Inc.


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