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January Products! - from edplay magazine

Little Friends, Treehouse
Flexible, posable Little Friends have a new Treehouse to climb!

A treehouse is the dream of every young child. This treehouse is complete with a swing, hammock and climbing rope that leads to a large platform for the Little Friends flexible dolls to sit on and play games! Dims approx: 15" L x 6" W x 11" H. HABA USA also added two new southeast Asian dolls, Lara and Liam, a Veterinary clinic, a playground set and a foal and veterinarian. Many of these already in stock!

Ordering Special:
 Free shipping on orders greater than $250.
 Flagship dating orders available. Please speak to HABA USA rep.

Please visit us at booth 309 at the New York Toy Fair



Sports Guys from MasterPieces
Action Figures that Inspire Imaginary Play

Kids have been playing with action figures for years. Sports have been a part of children’s lives forever. We combined both of these interests and designed our ‘Guys’ with one goal in mind… to encourage countless hours of imaginary play in sports loving children.

Each action figure set includes up to 30 pieces including two full teams, a field and accessories. Everything a child needs to create or recreate games and play for hours is included in a cool storage container. Most complete sports action figure set on the market!

“I think Football Guys is one of the best toys for young children I’ve seen. It puts young children in the middle of a sports situation of their own creation, tapping into fantasy play and imagination. Just as in real sports, there is team spirit, strategy and conflict resolution involved in their play.” – Julie Brown, First Grade Teacher

Visit us at Spielwarenmesse Int. Toy Fair Hall 12 B-07
NY Toy Fair
Booth #1135

MasterPieces, Inc.

Quality Plush That Lasts A Lifetime

The Heirloom collection from Adventure Planet offers a wide variety of quality plush products that are perfect for stocking up your aquarium, museum, and zoo gift shops. Made from soft and durable acrylic plush that can be passed down for generations.
Visit us at Toy Fair Booth #1039

The Toy Network
Fax: 774-365-4605


Unbelievabubble Sword Large
These giant bubbles will blow your mind!

Be prepared to lose yourself in wonder by making even bigger, giant bubbles! Unbelievabubble swords are a customer favorite and these large bubble swords will make anyone fall in love with bubbles all over again.

It is very easy to make a giant bubble with this sword, just push the trigger to open the wand and wave gently to make a long bubble or a giant bubble.

10% discount for order over $250
Click to see the video

D Now Inc
(408) 564-5450


Pass the Pup
The musical game of fast-passing fun!

Pass the Pup is a fast-paced game of howling, fetching and tail wagging. Players press the fluffy, plush Pup’s belly to start the music and then pass the puppy around the circle. No one knows when the music will stop. But when it does, the player caught holding the Pup will have to take a card and start acting like the dog on the card—maybe by growling, fetching, scratching or more! With Pass the Pup, no one is ever “out” so they get to play the whole game! And being the one holding the pup when the music stops is actually fun… Woof! Woof!

It’s a fun game for families or groups of kids, and makes a great birthday party game! For 2 or more players, ages 3 and up.

Visit us at New York Toy Fair, booth 435!



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