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Part of the new Wrebbit3D™ Castles & Cathedrals Collection. (865-piece)

The home of King Arthur and his legendary ‘Knights of the Round Table’ is the epicenter of fantastic tales and myths. Strengthen the walls of your own Camelot to house Merlin and Sir Lancelot, imagine Knights riding across misty hills to find and pull Excalibur from the stone or return the Grail from conquest to a lofty turret. This 865-piece Camelot 3D puzzle is a must for all medieval times lovers and fans of epic legends.
Camelot’s assembled dimensions: 16.5" L x 12.75" W x 13.75" H.

Wrebbit Puzzles Inc., the inventors of the first ever 3D puzzle, designs, manufactures and markets Wrebbit3D™ puzzles, using the unique foam backing technology, providing snug tight fitting pieces and sturdy designs. Proudly made in Canada.

FFA at $500 and Free Partially Assembled Demos at $1000
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Wrebbit Puzzles inc.
(855) 787-8842
Fax: (514) 354-3717


Kangaru Brands LLC
A Passion for Innovation & Imagination!

Founded in 2016, Kangaru is one of the fastest growing toy brands in the world, specializing in new innovative stationery, coloring, crafts, plush, and novelty toys. We design, develop, manufacture, and market creative branded products for kids around the globe. Kangaru is known for its innovation, creativity, and manufacturing capabilities. We have offices and showrooms in Hong Kong, Ningbo, and USA.
Free Shipping with your order of $250!
Free Shipping and 10% off with your order of $500!
Visit us at ASTRA Booth #1157

Kangaru Brands LLC
(267) 759-6462


Sky Track Play 44Pc Set
Click, connect, create! Magformers Sky Track

Enjoy racing adventures with the all new Magformers 44-piece Sky Track Play Set! With a sky shuttle and multiple track accessories, you can create loops, ups and downs, and twists and turns for endless flight fun!

Watch as your shuttle does a 360 spin and climbs the lift elevator! When your track is completed, the sky shuttle can go off-road in its sky car!

Each geometric shape contains magnets that never reject, so you’ll always hear the Magformers click. When playtime is over, use the magnetic power to simply stack and store the pieces.

$500 minimum order. Free shipping.
Visit us at ASTRA Booth #1631

(734) 667-1673
Fax: (888) 408-9069


Bruder Toys
Just Like The Real Thing

Award-winning Bruder Toys are a must-have for boys and girls that want the best. Bruder toys are made in Germany and scaled 1:16. They are designed to perform the same functions the real things can; that’s our motto “just like the real thing”. Along with being fully functional, our toys are manufactured with attention to every detail and are made of the strongest high impact ABS plastics available.

From a Caterpillar excavator to a Mercedes Benz ambulance, our products are fully licensed and we have something for everyone. Through themed vehicles and our addition of figures, Bruder has created a world in which kids engage in open ended play, all while learning and being inspired to let their imaginations runs wild.

New customers get Free Shipping at just $500, existing customers get Free Shipping at just $600!!

Stop by our ASTRA BOOTH #636 to take advantage of deals so sweet, they can only be promoted at the show!!

Click to see the video
Bruder Toys America, Inc.

(877) 450-5152 ex 3863
Fax: (877) 303-5200

Ball Basket (Tug Boat)
Tub Time Fun!!!

Watch as the Tug Boa's wheel moves and releases water out of the side...When water is poured into the top of the Tug Boat. Tug Boat has suction cups to attach to a tile wall, 1 basket, 2 foam balls.

Retail packaging (open box)
Age 12 months +

Visit us at ASTRA Booth #1300
Ask us about getting a FREE Trampoline

The Original Toy Company
(800) 899-4258
Fax: (203) 876-2739


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