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Just Add Egg
Egg-cellent New STEAM Kit "Just Add"-ed to Griddly Games Line

Griddly Games, Inc. introduces an egg-ceptional new product to its family of science activity craft kits. Egg is the latest "ingredient" to be "added" to the company's successful Just Add ______ STEAM line.

Just Add Egg is the fifth product in the catalog that already includes the multi-award-winning STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Math) kits: Just Add Milk, Just Add Sun, Just Add Glue and Just Add Sugar.

Just Add Egg ($29.95 for ages 5 and up), like all of the Just Add kits, comes with everything you need except for the adding ingredient. This time, add egg for multiple bio-organic egg-speriments and art activities. Enjoy doing 5 different egg-speriments and 7 different art egg-tivities including making your own dinosaur egg, egg shell geode, or even make an egg totally disappear!

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Special ASTRA Kit Session Hands-on Demo:
Sunday, June 9, 3:30 – 5:30pm

Griddly Games


Scoots – Made in USA!
A Fresh Look for Classic Toys

Since 1984, the Montgomery Schoolhouse Scoots have been delighting young children with their open-ended possibilities. After 35 wonderful years, the vehicles pulled into the shop and were given a face-lift! From modernized graphics to animal drivers, these tough little cars and trucks are ready for today's bright and exciting world.

What are Scoots, anyway? Scoots are wooden vehicles, designed for the 2-year-old and up’s imagination. These simple, safe, and colorful cars are small enough to travel along anywhere and durable enough to make it back. Each Scoot measures about 4" long, comes with a hang card, and is powered by the child, no batteries needed. Pick the vehicles that most appeal to your customers - there are no piece minimums! The Scoots can also be purchased in box sets. Contact us for custom options.
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to get a first look at these new designs and more!

10% off Scoots (and other new items) ordered at the ASTRA Marketplace! Free display with the purchase of 48 Scoots (you pick the assortment)! Free shipping when prepaying with a credit card!

Maple Landmark


Panda ukuleles from Amahi
Three new designs for 2019!

Founded in 1991, Amati's Fine Instruments has supplied music dealers with the finest hand crafted violins, violas, cellos, basses and various other string instrument accessories. Our Amahi Ukulele line offers unsurpassed craftmanship at an exceptional value for the specialty toy store market.

Each of our three new Amahi Ukuleles have the following features:

  •   • Soprano Size
  •   • Painted Wood Body
  •   • Open Geared Tuners
  •   • Nylon Strings
  •   • Nylon Zippered Carrying Bag
  •   • MAP pricing of $47.00 includes a color matching bag.

Visit us at ASTRA Marketplace Booth #2115

Order these three models at the ASTRA Convention
and pay only $23.50 each plus free shipping

Amahi Ukuleles
Fax: 513-679-7746


Build and play in 3D like never before

Gridopolis is an innovative 3D game and expandable system which allows students to build and play in three dimensions. The world’s first 'construction set meets strategy game,’ Gridopolis is a simple set of parts (and rules!) that can be endlessly rearranged. The only limit is your imagination.

Gridopolis is a fun tool for STEM/education as Grid-sets can be re-configured at any time to expand the game, change the rules, or even invent your own brand new game from scratch. Studies show that designing and playing in three dimensions develops more of the brain. Educators and teachers can use our lesson plans in the classroom to guide students in creatively designing their own original grid-set.

Our curriculum then helps students use logic and critical thinking to organize their new rules. Finally, students can test their game mechanics and practice strategy — all while having fun with friends!

Visit us at ASTRA Marketplace Booth #1938

Get 20% off with code ASTRA from June 1 - 16. Link: shop.gridopolis.games/discount/ASTRA

Click to see the video

Gridopolis Games


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