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June products from edplay magazine - ASTRA Edition!

Brain Tree Games and Puzzles
Affordable Luxury Puzzle Hitting Shelves

We are a puzzle manufacturer based in Virginia USA, named Brain Tree Games LLC. We have jigsaw puzzles with 85 plus SKU's and coming out with another 100 more this 2022. We would be happy to have you as our retail partner.

Random Cut Puzzle, every piece is unique in shape and size

We would be offering the highest quality equal to a German puzzle and at a competitive price. Where we use Netherland Eska boards for puzzles which every German company uses in greyback and we use a printing technology which has better anti glare and soft touch.

Made with Love for AMERICA

Over 200$ is 5% Discount
Over 1000$ is 10% Discount with half FREE FREIGHT

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Brain Tree Games LLC


The Ultimate Stacking Game

ShakeWave is the ultimate tower challenge. The higher you build the more it WOBBLES. The object is to stack rollers to form a tower. Every roller, however, seems to have a mind of its own; the rollers refuse to stay where you put them. Spin the spinner and stack 1-2 Rollers, or turn the base ¼ turn. Last player remaining wins!

Great family game night. Age 6+

Order 12 pc - FREE Demo unit.

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MukikiM Toys


The Lunch Room and You Who?!
Family friendly party games created by and for the easily amused.

The Lunch Room
Who says we can't play with our food? Just don't lose your lunch, because it is all fun and games until someone gets in your way to being the first player to fill their tray! Luck can help or hurt your chances, but strategy is key to beating The Lunch Room odds.

You Who?!
We turned 'Let's Talk' into 'Let's play!' You Who?! is the battle of WHO knows YOU. Designed to challenge friends and family with 5 rounds of questions that go from light-hearted to thought provoking. If there's a debate regarding an answer, throw the baloney and state your case for the point!

Visit us at ASTRA Marketplace Booth F26

Show Special June 13-15
Order the minimum of one case (6 games)
and receive an additional game of the same title for free.

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EAP Toy and Games


Teddy Cream from Teddykompaniet® 
Scandinavian Designed. Sustainably Produced.

These incredibly popular and soft Teddy Creams come in beautiful neutral colors. You cannot hug one and be in a bad mood.

Teddy Creams are made from high quality, sustainable materials that parents will appreciate, while also making sure these toys last for the next generation to cherish and love as well.

Your customers will love the quality and design of this collection, while you'll appreciate the incredible pricing and free shipping on all orders over $500.

Visit us at ASTRA Booth #857.
FREE shipping on all orders $500+

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TriAction Toys


SPIKE Sensory Fidget Ball / 3 Pack
New Sensory Fidget Toy by Innobaby

The newest addition to our fun fidget and sensory toys is here! The SPIKE Silicone Fidget Balls are going to be your child’s new best friend. Made in an adorable pineapple-like shape and three stimulating colors, kids (and adults!) of all ages won’t be able to put them down. Easy to fit in the palm of your hand, these balls have tons of textures and ways to enjoy them. Squish, pop, float, toss, or pull—these balls will help keep focus and fulfill sensory needs.

SPIKE® was created by Innobaby, creators of award-winning teethers, bath toys and mealtime solutions for today’s modern parents. Check out the full SPIKE Silicone Sensory line made with food grade silicone available in various shapes and colors for all your sensory-seeking needs.

Mention ASTRA22 to receive 10% off your June 2022 order.

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Kala Candy Shoppe Concert Ukuleles
Bright & Colorful Hardshell Candy Shoppe Ukuleles for All Ages!

The mid-sized concert ukuleles in the Kala Candy Shoppe Collection are bright and shiny and offer a bit more playing range than their soprano counterparts. With an array of vibrant color choices wrapped in high gloss “hard candy” shells, these high quality instruments look and sound sweet enough to eat. Play the Rainbow!
Visit us at ASTRA Booth #340
Stop by the Kala Ukulele Booth for Exclusive ASTRA Deals!

Kala Ukulele

Within the Biomes
48 Piece Giant Puzzle
Within the Biomes giant 48-piece jigsaw puzzle features the seven different biomes that make our earth a beautiful place. The biomes represented are desert, rainforest, tundra, boreal, temperate, savanna, and grasslands, and feature the different animals that live in these unique environments. A matching informational poster identifies each animal shown on the puzzle.

Creatively intelligent and fanciful artist Linda Bleck has filled this extra-large puzzle with detail and educational moments of discovery. This is an educational activity and rich individual play experience that covers new ground in the floor puzzle category.

Within the Biomes is the newest addition to eeBoo’s 48 piece puzzles series. Check out the full series which includes Within the Country, Within the City, and Within the Sea as well as other great educational puzzles and games from eeBoo.

Visit us at ASTRA Booth #731
iHeartArt Squeegee Art
The most FUN way to make abstract art!

Drip, slide and create a modern masterpiece! It's the most fun way to make abstract art. The social media trend made easy for kids!

Comes with 2 squeegees, 5 neon paints, thick paper, punch-out sheets, peel-away stickers and a large fold-out work surface. There is no wrong way to squeegee. Discover a new technique and open up a world of artistic possibilities.

Visit us at ASTRA Booth #1355
June 1 – June 30 ASTRA Special
$750 FFA
$1000 N60 FFA
$2000 N60 FFA 5%
(Summer Special)

Bright Stripes logoBright Stripes

Spicy Dice & NEW Sliderbox card games
3 Retro Card Games - Metallic Foil Highlights on Every Card

Let us show you our games that provide visible quality with high perceived value at MSRPs below $20 and that respect your valuable shelf space!

Our NEW Sliderbox line of card games brings back 3 successful retro titles in beautiful new packaging. The box and every single card have metallic gold or silver foil highlights, plus spot varnish. Your customers can see the card highlights in the store without breaking the seal. Double-deck card games, hang tab or POP, in less than 3 square inches of counter space.

Our Spicy Dice line has stunning custom pearlized acrylic dice, a cheat sheet built right into the score pad, and a silkscreened logo pouch. The NEW "4-Fun Pack" includes 4 sets of dice and 4 Bonus games, all in 5 square inches of counter space. FREE in-store demo kit with your first order.

Visit us at ASTRA Booth #1714
and roll the dice to win a free game, a 10% discount, 50% discount,
or even a full case!

20% pre-order discount on 4 new items.
Stackable with the 10% discount you might win rolling the dice.

Amazon sales not permitted - other online sales OK.

Enginuity Games
Fax: 888-268-9740

Le Château Frontenac Wrebbit3D Jigsaw Puzzle (865-piece)
The world's most photographed hotel now in an 865-piece Wrebbit3D jigsaw puzzle!

Le Château Frontenac is an historic hotel situated in Old Quebec City overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. It is one of Canada’s grand railway hotels opened in 1893 and built by the Canadian Pacific Railway. Its châteauesque architectural style was partly inspired by medieval castles found in France’s Loire Valley, making it the most photographed hotel in the world and is rendered here in all its splendor in 865 3D jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Part of the Castles & Cathedrals Collection, Le Château Frontenac is a challenging project which all puzzle lovers 14 years old and up will want to carry out either on their own or with friends and family members.

Wrebbit is celebrating 30 years of 3D Puzzle this year! All Wrebbit3D Jigsaw Puzzles are made in Canada using a unique foam backing technology providing snug tight-fitting pieces and sturdy design.

Visit us at ASTRA Booth #1414

Free Freight, demos, gift with purchase
and up to 5% off with minimum orders.

(Conditions apply)

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Wrebbit Puzzles inc.
855-787-8842 Ext. 11

Fax: 514-354-3717

Mermaid Tale Thinking Putty® 
Fantastical stories will be inspired with Mermaid Tale Thinking Putty®!

The purple and turquoise color shifting sparkles shimmer like the sun on the ocean’s surface. When it glows sea green in the dark, you’ll set sail on an exciting tale with this Glowbrights® putty.
Visit us at ASTRA Booth #712
$400 Free Freight
$750 Free Freight + 5% + Bulk Demo Putty

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Crazy Aaron's
Now available from Fat Brain Toy Co.

The entire Swiss-designed MOLUK assortment, including the iconic Bilibo, is now available from Fat Brain Toy Co. Ask us about the new Pastels!
Visit us at ASTRA Booth #620

Fat Brain Toy Co.

Why Marketplace & Academy is
More Than a Toy Show

Store Profile: The Pixie of Bixby Knolls

Autumn in New York
Toy Fair Moves to September

ASTRA Plans a Tropical Toy Event for February 2023

Wrebbit3D: 30 Years of Innovation
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