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Tutti Frutti™ Scented Modeling Dough
"Proudly made in Canada" products

These craft kits are nothing to sniff at! Offering a wide range of all-inclusive play kits with sparkling or regular scented dough, the non-stick, non-stain dough is: safe for children, able to hydrate and blend, and are Made in Canada. Best of all? The 23+ available fruit, tropical, cake, candy and summer scents raise the bar on the fragrance frenzy. Colors and scents may also be blended into endless intoxicating aromas and colors. Just imagine making cupcakes that smell like chocolate or lemon!

Six adorable Buddies kits: fox, owl, dog, cat, cow and sheep, make ideal and comical scent sources to enliven bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens with a whiff of freshness. Manipulating dough helps relieve stress too!

Founded in 1987, F.G.A. Inc, continues its commitment to manufacture smart, interactive, eco-responsible products. Made In Canada Tutti Frutti and Rustik games are now available for shipping.

Visit us at ToyFest West at R-Biz Booths 1128 - 1229
as well as at ASTRA Booth 2139

Free Shipping, N30 on $750.00+ orders, pre March 31, 2020

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Family Games America.com
Fax: 514-485-2944


Bruder Toys RAM 2500 Police Pickup Truck
with Policeman #02505

The BRUDER police force just got an upgrade! The brand new BRUDER RAM 2500 Police Truck will help get you anywhere. Tracking a criminal in the woods and things get slippery? Thanks to the power of the RAM 2500, the 4x4 four-wheel drive provides the off-road capability and comfort few vehicles can match. Our 1:16th scale truck provides us the ability to stand out amongst the rest with independent suspension, four opening doors, and functioning tailgate, and paint job just like the real thing!

Coming equipped with our bWorld police officer, fitted sirens, and a steering-wheel extender for customizable play. Pair this with the rest of the bWorld police station, Police Jeep Rubicon. Our line of emergency vehicles makes for a fantastic pairing, adding to the imaginative play experience. BRUDER’s thoughtfully designed toys, made in Germany, are here to help you catch any trouble!

Visit Bruder Sales team at Toyfest West Booth 1000.
Pick up a Catalog and Pricelist from Wildthings!

Bruder Toys America Inc
Fax: 877-303-5200


The Three Broomsticks Wrebbit 3D Puzzle
An 11th Harry Potter 3D Puzzle from Wrebbit!

The 395-piece HOGSMEADE - THE THREE BROOMSTICKS WREBBIT3D PUZZLE is the 11th model of Wrebbit's very popular Harry Potter Collection. Imagine building your own 3D replica of Hogsmeade’s most popular inn and pub, where students from the neighbouring Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry love to go for a butterbeer. The Three Broomsticks 395-piece Wrebbit 3D puzzle is a fun and accessible project which all Harry Potter fans 14 years old and up will want to carry out either on their own or with friends and family members.
Get Free Freight by placing a $500 order during ToyFest West.
Booth #616

Wrebbit Puzzles Inc.
855-787-8842 ext. 11
Fax: 514-354-3717

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  •   • Rep Picks: Independent Rep Sandy Ruben joins reps from other firms to choose favorite products for 2020.
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  •   • Senior Citizens Online: Trinity Insight serves up surprising intel on our oldest shoppers.
  •   • Store Profile: The Merchant of Venice Play’s the thing at 2,000-square-foot Nana’s A Children’s Shop in Florida, where high-end children’s clothing mixes with traditional toys.
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