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The May E-newsletter from edplay magazine - Astra Show edition
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Monster Chase
Chase the Monsters Away!

Get ready for a wild Monster Chase adventure! It's the ultimate cooperative memory game designed for little adventurers aged 3 to 7!

Mischievous monsters are sneaking out from under the bed, attempting to create a monster circle around it! But fear not, each monster is afraid of one toy that will banish it to the closet. If the players can successfully find all the right toys for each monster and send them all to the closet before a monster circle closes around the bed, they win! Otherwise, the monsters are declared victorious.

Can you and your fellow players send those monsters packing to the closet before they complete their sneaky circle? Victory is yours if you succeed, but watch out, because those tricky monsters might just declare themselves the champions!

Includes multiple ways to modify the game to play with younger or older children. Warning! Contains adorable monsters of all shapes and sizes!

Visit us at Astra, booth #1028

Hachette Boardgames USA


Oggs Mega Set
The versatile magnetic universe that you can play ON!

Squaregles, the magnetic construction toy that incorporates building, art, storytelling, racing and more into every magnetic connection is available for kids to explore and happily Get Lost in Play®!

With more ways to play, Squaregles is a 5-in-1 magnetic building system that surpasses the basic magnetic set. The Oggs Mega Set is jam-packed with play types for playing beyond a typical build: a playset with magnetic building, track racing, a marble run and drawing elements within. Pop, click and connect square, triangle, tube and paperboard panels into the magnetic frames for limitless ways to create, engage and play!

In addition, the all-in-one kit introduces fun Oggs® characters and comics for imaginative adventures as kids pop the animated marble-like heads to bodies, cars and other bases with helmets! Each Ogg comes with a distinctive personality and special totem that unlocks special powers unique to each character.

Visit us at Astra, booth #729
Astra Show Specials: 10% off all orders. FFA for orders over $450.

Stop by our booth to find out more and see how to get a free sample pack.

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Lulu Junior Book-Making Kits
Inspire creativity with a hands-on activity!

IlluStory and My Comic Book are the perfect kits for young writers and illustrators to unleash their creativity. We make book-making easy! Each kit comes with everything kids need to create and print their very own book. Lulu Junior IlluStory & My Comic Book kits encourage creativity, strengthen literacy skills, and build self-esteem.

  • Kits include a guidebook, color marker set, template pages, instructions, order form, and pre-paid envelope
  • IlluStory kits are for ages 4+ and produce a hardcover book
  • My Comic Book kits are for ages 6+ and produce a softcover comic book

Email sales@lulujr.com to become a retail partner and place your order today.

Come check out our new look at ASTRA Booth #2804!

Lulu Junior


MEAVIA Toys - Toys for Awesome Minds
NEW TOY LINE: Sensory Toys With Purpose Customers Will Love!

🧸 Our Story

Founded in 2022 by a dedicated dad with an autistic son, MEAVIA Toys is committed to creating inclusive, sensory-friendly toys that bring joy and development to every child. Our products are crafted in collaboration with professionals to ensure they meet the diverse needs of our customers.

🌟 Innovative Products

  • Weighted Sensory Plush Line: These plush toys are more than just cuddly friends. They feature a variety of sensory materials for children to explore, along with built-in marble fidget elements to keep hands busy and minds engaged.

  • Cause and Effect Toys: Stimulate young minds with toys that help develop early language skills and fine motor abilities through interactive play.

This is our first year at Astra, so come check out all of our products. We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis! Booth 1031

Visit us at Booth 1031
Show Special: Min Order $250, Free Shipping at $400+, Additional 5% off at $500



Safe, Fun, and Educational Animal Anatomy Set for Young Scientists

Discover the wonders of animal anatomy with DISSECT-IT®, a one-of-a-kind synthetic dissection set featuring a proprietary gelatin compound, safe instruments with no sharp edges and two refill mixes. The all-in-one laboratory in a box lets you explore and learn like never before using the detailed instruction manual. The large dissection tray allows you to easily remove organs, veins, arteries, and the complete skeleton before placing them in their own receptacles in the tray.

While dissecting, use the detailed instruction manual to continue your discovery. This comprehensive guide is filled with fascinating facts and educational content about each anatomical part. Perfect for students who want to have fun while learning, DISSECT-IT® sparks curiosity and enhances your educational experience with its innovative, hands-on approach to learning animal anatomy. Get your safe synthetic dissection set today and transform your understanding of biology in the most engaging way possible!

Visit us at Astra booth #2927

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Top Secret Toys


Our new "Sliderbox" card games - Combos, Linx, and Showdown!

Our new line of 3 "SliderBox" card games shows the beautiful cards with gold and silver foil on EVERY card without breaking the seal. Our vertical package uses only 2.5 sq in of shelf space.

In Combos, use your cards to make the combinations shown on the ever-changing Combo cards. Making multiple Combos on one play is the path to winning!

Linx is the game of long chains. Link your cards by matching number or symbol to the Anchor cards. Longer chains and connecting multiple anchors scores higher. Great for younger kids.

Showdown, a Games Magazine "Games 100" honoree, is our bidding and bluffing game with a few twists. Great for older kids and adults.

You'll find one of our card games or our newly upgraded
Spicy Dice game in your Tote Bag.

See them all at the booth, and trade for a different one if you like!
Visit us at Astra booth #2128
Can't make the show? Find our catalog and order at www.enginuity.com.
10% discount on Starter Packs AND free freight at only $300

Enginuity Games
Fax: 888-268-9740


Blue Marble Gold Dig Brick PDQ - 24 bars
Discover dazzling pyrite in every brick!

Back by popular demand! This amazing dig kit comes with a gold-bar-shaped dig brick with real treasure inside! Using the included dig tool, kids will find a real pyrite specimen, often referred to as “fool’s gold” since it looks so much like the real thing! Kids will learn all about their new specimen in the included learning guide. Get the Gold Dig Brick today!
Visit us at Astra booth #711!

10% freight cap @ $500 & 5% freight cap @ $1500
plus extended terms & free product!
See us in booth 711 for details!

Blue Marble

Garden Getaway
Ruuunnn as Fast As You Can!

Join the lively gathering of garden animals as they come together each summer for an extravagant feast in Garden Getaway. A surprise awaits them though: the furious Gardener, upset to find them feasting on his veggie patch!

Run as fast as you can to outsmart the Gardener by navigating through the chaos, learn decision-making skills, and immerse yourself in a colorful world with charming characters!

Includes multiple ways to modify the game to play with younger or older children. Delightful wooden player pieces and dice. Fun for adults and children to play together!

Visit us at Astra, booth #1028

Hachette Boardgames USA


Pretendables Backyard Pizza Oven Set
Magically FUNctional!
Cook and serve the best pizza in town!
The felt toppings stick to the hook-and-loop spots of the pizza slices. Use the peel to slide the pizza in and out of the oven, then use the pizza cutter and the spatula to serve it fresh onto the two plates for two hungry customers. Full tummies and big smiles all around! Just like a classic pepperoni pizza, kids are sure to love the Pretendables Backyard Pizza Oven Set.

  • Includes peel, 4 pizza slices, felt toppings, toppings tray, cheese and pepper shakers, pizza cutter, spatula, menu, 2 plates, oven/storage box
  • Oven doubles as storage box
  • Encourages fine motor skills, imaginative play, role-play
  • Oven features opening lid with elastic clasp, clicking dial
  • Organize the felt toppings into the slots of the storage tray
  • Felt toppings attach to hook-and-loop spots of the pizza slices
  • High-quality materials and construction - Lasting durability

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Fat Brain Toy Co.


Meet Me in St. Louis
Astra gears up for its Marketplace & Academy

A new era begins for Ohio retailer

Popular New Toy Themes Will Help Sales Grow
From Capybaras to Kawaii, Sandy Ruben highlights top 12 trends

Education through Enjoyment
A selection of products that help kids learn through fun

Trade Shows: Recaps and Looking Ahead
Reflecting on NETS and ToyFest. The Toy Association's upcoming market events.

10 Questions, New & True Products, Industry News & more!
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