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Modarri - The Ultimate Toy Car
Design and Drive Building System with Limitless Possibilities

Three fathers set out to create the toy car of their childhood dreams. When they were little, they wanted to be able to design their own car and drive it like it was the real thing. Now they've grown up and they have turned this dream into a reality. Check out these award-winning cars with the following features:
  • Design, build, and drive your very own creation!
  • Mix and match building system allows for BILLIONS of car designs
  • Finger-driving system with real steering and suspension mechanics
  • Super quick assembly times – less time building, more time playing!
  • Screws are retained in the components, they don’t fall out – never lose screws!
  • Real 2-step automotive paint for a beautiful, dazzling finish
  • Durable construction – real metal frames, heavy duty plastic, and strong mechanical linkages
  • 11 interchangeable pieces per car
  • Assembled with the included swivel-tipped hex tool (quick turn action!)
  • Modarri is a STEM toy that educates through open-ended play
  • Lifetime Guarantee. If your car ever breaks, we'll fix it or replace it for free!
MSRP $19.99-$79.99. Ages 6+

Free Shipping + Free Fully-Stocked Mini Build-Your-Car display
for all orders over $500.

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ThoughtFull Toys
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For over 20 years we have Warmed the World with the finest collection of heatable plush and spa therapy items. Our Secret: We use the finest French lavender, the best designs and the softest fabrics in all our products. Don’t miss out on one of the hottest selling lines at retail. Email us today and we will send you our electronic catalog complete with wholesale pricing. Or call us at 844-927-6437 to order today.

Order a minimum of $300 by 10/31 and receive

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Intelex USA
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Game Night in a Can
30 Original Party Games, Millions of Ways to Play!

GNIAC is the creative party game for friends and families with millions of game night combinations and ways to play. With 30 creative challenges and games of skill, it's completely different every time you crack it open.

Competitively fly paper airplanes, create a brand new animal species for Noah's Ark, draw cats doing something awesome, bank balls of paper off your friend's face, make up a ghost story about the room you're in, bump rumps as many times as you can in 30 seconds, write new national anthems for random countries, play a new twist on charades and MORE.

It all started when an advertising creative and a tv development exec got together to host live game nights at the Hollywood Improv, and after one incredible night decided "We gotta put this in a can!" So....here it is!

Free freight for orders of 24 or more!
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Game Night in a Can
(323) 844-2267


Marbleocity™ Skate Park
Laser-cut wooden STEM kits for hands-on learning and fun!

Marbleocity™ Skate Park
The Skate Park features lots of fun physics action, including a stair descent, rail slide and a jump—so once you build your skate park, you can run marbles through it! It’s a fun way to learn about projectile motion and centripetal force while making an awesome kinetic sculpture!

Marbleocity™ Dragon Coaster
The Dragon Coaster is full of dips and turns with some engineering and physics thrown in—so once you build your coaster, you can run marbles through it! It’s a fun way to learn about roller coaster design and conservation of energy while making an awesome kinetic sculpture!

Assembly instructions feature a graphic novel with the Tinkineer cast of characters— Kelvin, Joule, Newt and friends —to communicate meaningful STEM concepts in an engaging format.

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(608) 362-6896
Fax: (608) 362-8178


The hilarious game of twisted poses!

Are you ready to be a human pretzel? Each turn a player draws a card with a simple instruction, such as putting the card on top of your head or putting your finger on your nose. If a player can’t comply with all of them, they are out of the game. There are rules for teams included, and a special “take that” variant where you choose cards to play on your friends!

Yogi was a big hit at ASTRA Game Night and delivers a strong demo in under 2 minutes.

We offer FFA on 500 and a free demo copy
in your first case of any of our products.

(773) 992-6921


STEM Starter Kit: Smartphone Microscope and 3D Slides
Connect to Science from Your Smartphone!

Science just got a lot cooler! With the STEM Starter Kit from the award-winning My First Lab®, kids (and adults) can turn their smartphones and tablets into a powerful microscope and view 3D objects like never before. We've combined our best-selling Smartphone Inspector with 15 different 3D specimens to help connect anyone with a mobile device to science and STEM wherever they go.

What's Included:
  • Microscope lens (up to 60x magnification) with universal clip
  • 15 Specimens / 5 Slides
  • 2 Lights — Forensic UV and LED
  • Slide Carrying Case
MSRP: $19.99

C & A Scientific
Ph/Fx: (703) 330-1413


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