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October Products! - from edplay magazine

Pirate Pong
It’s harder with one aye!

Arrgh yee ready for some fun!? Put on your eye patch, grab your paddle sword and start the action. This portable table tennis set adds new excitement to a classic game. It is harder with one eye, aye!

Ordering Special: FFA>$250

Cortex Toys
(706) 232-8938


Miracle in a Manger: Teaching the TRUE Meaning of Christmas
A Fun & Interactive New Christmas Tradition

This new Christian Christmas Tradition is a fun and interactive way for families to become more involved in meaningful activities and to help focus on what Christmas is really about, the birth of Christ. Just like God gave his one and only son for us, this tradition is a way to teach our kids the importance of giving and serving others, as well as learning the true meaning of Christmas.

This product is designed for all Christian families, but it is also a great introduction for the non-Christian to learn about the Christian faith. Miracle in a Manger will be a tradition loved by all. The messages they will receive and the encouragement to pass good will on to others will leave a lasting impression for years to come. Miracle in a Manger comes completed with everything you need make your Christmas holiday more special then ever.

Click to see the video

Miracle in a Manger, Inc.
(601) 527-2617


Uncle Bubble Unbelievabubble Sword
Experience the World of Bubbles

THE BEST IN BUBBLES: Experience the World of Bubbles with innovative bubble products that expand the imagination. Uncle Bubble products are internationally known as the leading maker of premium grade bubble solution and toys that are fun for everyone interested in bubbles.

10% discount for order over $250

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D Now Inc

(408) 564-5450


Presto Planes
Make paper airplanes in a snap!

Presto Planes is the world’s first wooden paper airplane folder. Simply clip a sheet of regular paper to the clip and slide the shaft through the jig. This wooden wonder will have you flying in no time!

Ordering Special: FFA>$250

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Cortex Toys

(706) 232-8938


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