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Holiday Products! October edition - from edplay magazine

An award-winning MAGNETIC Tiling Toy, made in the USA

The magical geometric art of Fractiles fascinates kids and adults alike. Fractiles encourages STEM skill development for all ages … combining learning with fun, creative designs, and pattern-recognition. Create unlimited, unique 7-fold geometry designs of snowflakes, starbursts, spirals, butterflies, animals and more. Fractiles, made in the USA, has three sizes containing diamond-shaped magnetic tiles, with two sizes containing an activity board.

Fractiles is a great holiday gift and travel toy offering a great “screen-time” alternative, and family fun, whether at home, school, or on vacation. Imagine the possibilities!

In business for over 20 years, Fractiles has withstood the test of time! Classroom teachers call it “fantastic!” Grandparents and parents say they “love it.” And most of all, so do kids of all ages, from 6 – 106!

Holiday Special - 50% off Shipping, FREE Shipping on orders $240+

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Fractiles, Inc.



Holiday Jumbo Squish
Soft, slow rising jumbo squish characters.

The Toy Network offers over a dozen holiday squish products to choose from - both big and small! Our selection includes a variety of soft, slow rising squish characters that will set your selection apart from the rest during this joyful, holiday season.

Visit our website for special pricing offers.

The Toy Network


The Ball That Fits Into Your Pocket!

FOOOTY is a new lifestyle toy that makes it possible to play anywhere, anytime you want. Inspired by the beautiful game of soccer and the construction fun of Lego, it fits in every pocket and can be used indoor and outdoors.

FOOOTY is a unique patented 2D construction element that enables you to create 3D shapes. When connecting the FOOOTY elements, using the unique FOOOTY connection system, you can CREATE all popular ball shapes and much more. Finished playing? You can just put them back in your pocket!

10% Discount for all orders over $400 With Code "FOOOTY19"
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Your Best Guide to the Stars
Planispheres for the entire world

The Planisphere is still the best way to learn how to recognize constellations and stars. When set for the date and time you are stargazing, the Planisphere shows the Night Sky of that moment!

We have English Planispheres for the entire populated world (from 65°N down to 45°S), as well as in seven other languages, including Spanish (for 40°N: Spain AND the US).

Apart from our standard program (our own publications) our company is the only one in the World specialized in customized Planispheres: with your logo and information, for the latitude you need, in the colors and size you want and with the text on the reverse you like. Please contact us for more information via info@walrecht.nl.

Shown is our English Planisphere for 40°N: the one for most of the USA. 50°N is for the northern, 30° for the southern USA (Florida).

Rob Walrecht Productions
+31 3347 55543



Just warm up these cuties in the microwave to experience the soothing warmth and comfort of Warmies!

Warmies are not only SUPER cute stuffed animals, but they are a wellness item that Mom’s feel good about giving to their kids. Warmies are a great stress & anxiety reliever, calming sleep aid and also provide relief for colic, earaches, cramps, chills and so much more! Warmies are weighted and are helpful in calming children with sensory processing disorders. Warmies are tested safe for all ages.

Warmies are the number one selling brand of heatable plush toys and gifts and have been voted Top 10 in giftBEAT magazine for Children’s Gifts, Baby Gifts, Plush and Comfort Gifts. Everybody LOVES Warmies!

Ask about our Floor Display Specials!
Immediate Shipping Available -
Receive in time to boost your 4th Quarter sales!

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Warmies by Intelex USA
844-WARMIES (927-6437)


BiOBUDDi Building Blocks
The Perfect Gift for the Holidays & The Earth

It’s official! BiOBUDDi, the world’s first plant-based building blocks, is now at Safari Ltd!

Since 1982, Safari has used the joy of play to educate children about the importance of nature & its conservation. And now, thanks to these new eco-friendly toys, they're helping the planet & sparking kid's imaginations one block at a time!

Made in the Netherlands, these new toy blocks are safe, fun and durable! Best of all, they’re 100% all-natural & made from sugar-cane extract! Additionally, they're perfect for helping kids ages 18 months & up to learn through play! The adorable sets come in a variety of letters, numbers, food & animal sets so kids can learn about anything under the sun with BiOBUDDi.

These 100% natural building blocks also provide the perfect backdrop for both Safari Ltd animal figures & Duplo LEGO sets. View sets here: https://hubs.ly/H0l4Psw0

Get 15% Off Your First Order with code: BB15
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Safari Ltd.


Toy Fair New York

Savvy, forward-looking toy and youth entertainment decision makers will gather at Toy Fair New York from February 22 through 25, 2020, to discover new products, see the latest trends, connect with current and future partners, and do a year’s worth of business in just four days – all under one roof!

Under the bright lights of New York City, witness 1,000 exhibitors from around the globe showcase more than 150,000 products – including Click to see the video7,000 world premieres.

If toys and youth entertainment are your business, then Toy Fair is your show.
Register today!

The Toy Association

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