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September Products from edplay magazine - Holiday edition!

Clixo Rainbow Pack by Toyish Labs
2021 Creative Toy of the Year (TOTY) Finalist

Clixo is a revolutionary magnetic building toy that combines the magic of origami with the ease of classic building blocks. Its flexible form factor allows kids to make countless 2D or 3D creations that can be folded, stacked, hung, or even worn - providing them with a unique and creative play experience. Multisensory details make it engaging for kids (and kids at heart) while the minimalist stack-and-pack form factor makes storage and travel a total snap. Perfect for sensory play, STEAM learning or stress-relief. Spark curiosity, creativity, and hours of fun with this versatile play system.

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Toyish Labs


The ToDo Game
A Family Game. Awesome Screen-free Activities To Do. Together.

ToDo was created around the dinner table after recognizing our family was spending way too much time on our screens and not enough talking, laughing, and connecting. It really transformed our time together, so now we’re helping families invest in quality time, free from phones, laptops, and TV!

Each beautifully packaged, gift-worthy edition features creative activities for families of all kinds. You don’t need to be lucky or talented, just up for some fun! Each activity lasts from 20 to 60 minutes so they’re perfect for a weeknight, after school or work.

All four ToDo Editions—Baby, Toddler, Family, and Couples—contain a wide range of age-appropriate activities. Our Baby and Toddler Editions focus on sensory play, language, and fine motor development activities, while our Family and Couple Editions focus on fun, creativity, and sharing meaningful conversations and experiences. Email for a free sample, today!
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The ToDo Game


Space Rovers Circuit Cubes Kit
New for the Holidays! Kids Can Build Their Own Rovers to Explore Mars!

Circuit Cubes' Space Rovers kit provides kids the opportunity to learn the basics of mechanical engineering and circuits as they engage in unlimited, creative play. Build 3 different vehicles with the contents of this multi-vehicle launch kit. The kit includes a rechargeable Bluetooth Battery Cube, 3 Cubit Motors, and over 100 parts. Combine the kit parts with your imagination and existing LEGO bricks to power your own creations!

The Bluetooth Battery Cube has built-in wireless connectivity. Kids can download the Circuit Cubes app for either iOS or Android.

NOTE: Available for retail/wholesale through Tundra.com

  • Kit contains 1 Bluetooth Cube, 3 Cubit Motors and over 100 parts including bricks, gears and tires
  • Seamless circuit connectivity (no soldering)
  • Safety tested & approved for ages 8+
  • Compatible with all brand name bricks
  • Created by STEM teachers, tested and approved by kids
  • Circuit Cubes kits make great gifts for curious kids

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Butts in Space: The Card Game
The whole family will be laughing!

Oh no!

Evil Butt has stolen all of the toilet paper in the universe! Players play as Bow Butt, Hairy Butt, Classy Butt, and Butt Butt as they hoard sets of toilet paper in an attempt to thwart Evil Butt and get it all back. The player with the most toilet paper wins!

This simple game of set collection combines the hilarity of power farts and hairy butts with cute cartoon toilet papers to create a silly wacky experience that the whole family will love.

For 2-4 Players. Ages 9+. Playtime 30-45 minutes.

The Dusty Tophat Ltd.


The back-and-forth battle of babble!

Can you gib faster than they can gab? Pick a category from one of the cards and then press the center button to switch it on. Quick! Say a word that matches the category and then press your button. When you do, your lights begin to move toward your opponent. Now they've got to think fast, say a word, and press their button to get their lights moving back toward you! Do you have the trivia or the wit to keep your opponent's lights from ever reaching your end of the game board?

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Fat Brain Toy Co.
Fax: 402-779-3253




Live and In Person, It’s ASTRA!
A day full of presentations and panel discussions distill what we’ve learned from the pandemic and provide tips for moving forward.

Small Business, Big Future
Local resident Dave Chappelle helps rally merchants in Yellow Springs to strengthen their community.

We have Good News and Bad News
Rep Sandy Ruben reveals the results of his informal survey: Most retailers report sales increases post-pandemic; stress increases, too, since good retail help is hard to find.

So Many Dolls to Sell
In part 2 of an interview with the owner of Pattycake Doll Company, retailer Peter Laudin discusses how the doll category can be a profit center for your store.

10 Questions with Sue Warfield
Now officially ASTRA’s president
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