Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products


Amber Bowman
Prism Playgoods in Ann Arbor, Michigan

“Nature play and the Wooden Blocks (1) from Treeblocks LLC in Wisconsin seem to go hand in hand. The blocks look like pieces of tree branches with the bark still on them. They’re not just random sticks, though – the reclaimed, recycled and sustainably harvested wood is cut in precise lengths so kids can build with them. They’re rugged – kids can take them outside to the sandbox to play with. They come in sets ranging from 18 to 36 pieces.

“Aren’t the Rainbow Bonsai Blocks (2) from Ocamora gorgeous? The color palette is beautiful so the blocks work as décor and/or as toys. The company is based in Cordoba, Spain. The blocks are colored with ecological water-based dyes and the finish is grippy – they’re easy to grasp and they stick to each other a little. I sold two sets just this morning.

“I was eyeing the Car Roll (3) from So Handmade online. It was very cute, but when my order arrived, the product was so much nicer than I expected! It’s a wallet that holds six cars – kids can take it with them to waiting rooms, restaurants and on trips. Unrolled, it’s printed to look like roads. Inside, the pockets are numbered like parking spots. The company owner screen prints all her fabrics then sews her products together herself.”


Christine Osborne
Wonder Works Toy Stores in Charleston, South Carolina

“The B4 Adventure Swinghouse (4) takes backyard swings to another level. It’s all the fun of a swing and a tent combined, and a great way to play in the shade. We cannot keep them in stock!

“Mattel’s Polly Pocket (5) has made an amazing comeback! Kids love taking the tiny worlds along with them.”

“Teens are flocking in for Dope Slime (6). It’s handmade by a company in Cheyenne, Wyoming in unbelievable colors. It’s scented and textured high-quality slime.”

Tonya Wood
The Toy Shop in Corbin, Kentucky

“We carry everything from Funko Pops to Magic the Gathering Cards but we specialize in all kinds of sensory toys that local nurses and therapists use. But as you know, every kid loves them right now. They come in and ask for Tangles and Simpl Dimpl by name. They love the DNA Ball (7) from Playvisions.

“We’ve been selling a lot of the Tidal Storm Hurricane Balls (8) from Prime Time Toys. The reusable water balls come in a seven pack for water-balloon battles.

“I can’t believe the amount of Pokémon cards (9) we sell. Mad Al Distributors is right here in town so, luckily, we don’t have to pay shipping. One little boy comes in every week and asks if we have any new singles. It’s fun to watch how meticulously he examines each one before he makes a decision. The cards are crazy popular with kids and adults!”