Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products




David Castillo, Red Balloon Toy Store in Salt Lake City

Good Luck Minis (1) from Safari are our top sellers. They’re tiny – each one is no bigger than a paperclip – and they have a ‘cute factor’ that makes them really appealing to kids and adults alike. Plus, they’re fun to collect.

Three games by the same company – Grandpa Beck’s Games – just fly out of here. We’re the company’s top-selling specialty retailer! Cover Your Assets (2) is a card game where players of all ages create matching sets of assets like jewelry and classic cars. Customers buy multiple games because they give them away, or need another deck for home, their dorm room, etc. 

Cover Your Kingdom (3) is like a sequel. Players create sets, but of funny and ‘punny’ creatures. ‘Pigxies’ is one. There are more cards, too, so more people can play.

Skull King (4) is a card and bidding game. The mechanics, though, come from set collection games.

We’re doing well with the Ravensburger collection of Escape Puzzles (5), and I’m excited about the potential of the LEGO Adventures with Mario Starter Course (6).



Christine Osborne, Wonder Works Toy Stores in Charleston, South Carolina

Parents who are looking for beginning art supplies for their kids are often overwhelmed by the wide selection. But when we show them Studio in a Box (7) from Kid Made Modern, it’s a problem solved. Everything budding artists need to get sketching, painting, or coloring is conveniently packaged in this set.

Different: A Story About Loving Your Neighbor (8) by Chris Singleton teaches children around the nation to love others no matter their race, skin color or religion. Chris has dedicated his first book to his late mother, Sharonda Coleman-Singleton, who passed away June 17th, 2015, in the Mother Emmanuel AME Church shooting in our hometown of Charleston.

The Tongue Drum (9) from Amahi sells extremely well when you have a demo available. It combines incredible high-quality construction with amazing sound.

We love ALL Micro Kickboard scooters, but the Mini 3in1 Deluxe (10) is a favorite because it grows with the child from ages 1 through 5.