Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products


by Christine Osborne, Wonder Works Toy Stores in Charleston, South Carolina

InnyBin (1) from Fat Brain is a next-gen sorting box. It gives kids the freedom to explore and experiment with shapes and textures. We love that it is frustration-free and open ended.

The Genius Square game (2) from Mukikim was a surprising bestseller for us in the fourth quarter. It seems to be a perfect gift for hard-to-buy-for people. We had a demo displayed on a game table, and nearly everyone who played bought one … or four!

Buddha Board (3) is a perennial favorite. Painting with water only means no mess! It is extremely soothing for times like these, and encourages the idea of living in the moment.

The UFO Drone (4) from Leading Edge is a hot seller right now. The new self-flying, hand-controlled drone is extremely easy to fly using simple hand motions and 360-degree sensors.

Anything from the ’90s and everything ‘VSCO girl’ are trending right now. The  Friendship Bracelet Kit (5)  from Choose Friendship fits perfectly into that category. This updated version includes a device holder so kids and teens can follow along on the app while creating designs.


We’re obsessed right now with Galexie Glister (6) It’s a safe, nontoxic body glitter and a blast to apply on your skin or in your hair. It’s totally mess free and washes off super easily.   

The Disco Swing (7), another kit from Swurfer’s new line of swings, is a classic rope swing with three-in-one function. Kids can sit, stand or climb. It’s a local company for us, and we know they offer superior quality.

Kids can’t get enough of  Hatch ’n Grow (8) from Toysmith. They’re simple, magical, and a great-selling impulse item.”

Silly, interactive animals are a huge hit!  The Egg Laying Hen (9) from HearthSong plays “The Chicken Dance” while she lays three eggs and bounces around. Kids just can’t seem to get enough of dancing animals.

Soccer meets badminton with Kickit (10). The game concept has existed for centuries, but Eli Dent from Charleston recently took it to the next level with fun and exciting results.