Retailers Recommend Fabulous Products

by Tina Manzer


Hannah Kisling from The Toy Store in Topeka, Kansas

“We brought in the Dog Gone Ball Blaster (1) from Marshmallow Fun in time for Easter. It blasts out tennis balls up to 50 feet. Many of our customers are dog owners, so we featured it in a Facebook post and sold a lot of them. It’s no-slime – you don’t have to pick up the ball with your hands when the dog brings it back.

“The post also included the Woof Pack (2) from Waboba. The packaging is fun and holds two balls and a flying Discuit. For cat owners, we recommended Hex Bugs (3) from Innovation First.

“Now that the weather is nice, kids are coming in to buy Spring Rings (4) from Toysmith. Each set includes two discs, a rubber ball and a splash ball. The discs are little springy trampolines for tossing the balls back and forth.”

Ellie Tate from Wonder Works toy stores in South Carolina

Spy Rover (5) from Odyssey Toys is an all-terrain car with a camera attached. It’s perfect for sneaking into small spaces and spying on siblings. You watch live-stream video and control the car from a cell phone. We think this cool new R/C is going to be a huge hit with kids of all ages, including adults.

“Hearthsong’s Rainbow Sprinkler & Water Slide (6) is the cutest giant inflatable sprinkler and matching water slide. Both are made of heavy-duty vinyl so they can stand up to fun all summer long. It’s the ultimate in backyard play.

Y’Art (7) from Kahootz is one of our favorite new craft items. It combines the ease of coloring with the textured look of textile art – like color-by-number with yarn! As kids “color” with the Y’Art pen, the yarn magically clings to the Y’Artboard. The process is oops-proof for little hands.

Pairzi (8) from Carma Games is simple enough for the youngest players but versatile enough to entertain teens and adults for hours.

Tiki Toss Desktop (9) from Mellow Militia is a portable version of the classic hook-and-ring game. We’re recommending it to customers buying gifts for dads, college grads, and teachers.

“The super durable and sturdy Primo Ride-on (10) from Ambosstoys is a kid-powered ride-on toy modeled after classic Italian scooters.