Visions of Marbles and Balls


Toy wholesaler Play Visions has acquired a portion of MegaFun USA, including select Mega Marbles toy products, and – beginning in 2019 – the Payaso brand of play balls.

Play Visions is scheduled to take over sales and distribution on Monday, May 14.

MegaFun USA has been the North American sales and distribution arm of a Mexico-based manufacturer since 1992. Originally based in Wichita, Kansas, MegaFun’s headquarters moved to Chicago in 2014 with distribution facilities in south Texas.

Twenty-eight-year-old Play Visions, based in Woodinville, Washington, is known for its unique toys and fan-favorite novelty items, including tactile/sensory compounds Sands Alive!, Floof, and Play Dirt. “We believe that MegaFun’s high-quality glass marbles, and PVC balls and hoppers, will be a great addition to our unique roster of products,” noted company President Mark Chernick, in a press release.

Last year, in a similar deal, Play Visions partnered with TPF Toys to be the exclusive North American partner for Splashlings, a line of small, collectible aquatic characters. More recently, it became the exclusive North American partner for the Emzo Kawaii Squeezies line from New Dimension Toys.

Founded in 1990 by Chernick and two of his high-school friends, Play Visions quickly became a source for innovative impulse items based on up-to-the minute fads. In 2005, it acquired plush toy company Cascade Toy, and in 2007 it acquired Club Earth, a world-renowned brand of proprietary novelty toys.

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